• Question: What's it like being a Scientist? Is it a fun job?

    Asked by lizzieroberts23 to Fiona, Aled, Ellie, Kev, Willem on 7 Mar 2014. This question was also asked by buffy5801, chocolate01.
    • Photo: Fiona Heesen

      Fiona Heesen answered on 7 Mar 2014:

      Hi lizzieroberts23,

      Being a scientist is really fun! It can be really different depending on what you focus on, so a chemist might spend lots of time in a lab mixing different solutions, whereas a biologist might spend more time outside, looking at plants and animals in their natural habitat. Generally, as a scientist I have the chance to spend my time learning new and exciting things and talking to all my friends and co-workers about the exciting things they are learning. I think that is what makes being a scientist so fun, it is always different and it is always new – I often think I have read everything I could about a subject (like the Internet!) only to find out that all new things are being discovered across the world – it constantly challenges you to do more and learn more.

      Thanks for your question 🙂

      – Fiona

    • Photo: Willem Heijltjes

      Willem Heijltjes answered on 10 Mar 2014:

      Hi Lizzie!

      Science is really a lot of fun – you get to think up new things, and then travel the world to explain them to other people! Or in this case, to you guys! 😉

    • Photo: Kevin Arbuckle

      Kevin Arbuckle answered on 10 Mar 2014:

      Being a scientist is being paid to find out about stuff that interests you (whatever that stuff may be). What can possibly be more fun than that? A job doesn’t really seem like a job when you enjoy what you do, so it’s really like getting money to have fun and telling lots of other people about it too 🙂

    • Photo: Eleanor Parker

      Eleanor Parker answered on 10 Mar 2014:

      I love being a scientist! It can be a lot of fun. Everyday is different and because there are so many things to discover, whatever field of science you work in, there is always something new to do or new ways of doing things. Being a scientists also means you get to talk to a lot of people and you get to travel a lot. It’s like a big community!

    • Photo: Aled Roberts

      Aled Roberts answered on 11 Mar 2014:

      Hi lizzieroberts23!

      It is the most fun job in the entire world! I get paid to do what I love! Every day I go to work not fully knowing what I’m going to find out! Each day there is mystery!